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Fairways at Pheasant Run

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many homes are there in the community?

Answer: The Fairways at Pheasant Run (the "Fairways") subdivision itself contains 263 single family homes, while the entire Pheasant Run community features over 700 homes.

2. Are there any parks or common areas within the subdivision?

Answer: Fairways has three designated Common areas, these areas are maintained by the Association and are identified on the subdivision map. They include:

* Oakview Park: largest of the parks with some dense woods and a muddy path running between the two entrances.

* Pheasant Run Park South: dense woods surrounding a creek that runs between homes on Sandalwood and Mornington Roads.

* Cherry Hill Berm: a berm that runs along the south side of Cherry Hill Road. In the Covenants this area is referred to as Pheasant Run Parks East and West. We use the less confusing term "Cherry Hill Berm" in our meetings.

3. I live adjacent to a common area, who maintains it and am I allowed to make improvements?

Answer: The Association is responsible for maintaining all the common areas. You are allowed to make improvements, however, approval from the Board is required. The commons Committee has developed specific guidelines on what type of improvements are allowed; please contact a Board member for a copy.

4. Why are the annual Association Assessments due on January 1st?

Answer: January 1st is the date set in the Covenants and Restrictions (Article V, Section 7, "The annual assessment for any year, after the first year, shall become due and payable on the first day of January of such year").

5. Who owns the large parcel of land just east of the Cherry Hill entrance?

Answer: Fairway Pines of Pheasant Run.

6. What should I do if I see an area within the subdivision that requires maintenance?

Answer: Contact the Roadway manager if the problem is within the roadway, i.e., between the sidewalks. Contact one of the board members if the problem is within a commons area.

7. One of the trees located in the front easement (between the sidewalk and road) is dead, is the Association or Township responsible for replacing it?

Answer: No. The original trees were paid for by the builder and planted by the township. We recommend that you utilize Canton Township's tree planting program. Tree Program

8. What should I do if I see a fellow homeowner not adhering to Covenants and Restrictions?

Answer: Please mail a letter referencing the Covenant you believe is being violated to the Fairways P.O. Box 87221, Canton MI 48187. Also be aware that the Architectural committee cannot make exceptions to the Covenants and Restrictions. And one special note on satellite dishes, this restriction can no longer be enforced as it is written, the Federal Communications Act of 1996, which occurred after the Covenants were written, put an end to that, however, the Architectural Committee must still approve the mounting location. Please see the Canton Ordinance
pertaining to satellite dishes.
Link to Bylaws

9. I'd like to make some changes to my landscaping, do I need to contact the Association for approval?

Answer: Yes, per Article VI, Section 1 of the Covenants and Restrictions, "No Improvement shall be erected, placed, installed...on any Lot, nor shall any exterior addition to, or change in, or alteration of the exterior appearance of any Improvement, or any change in landscaping, be made until plans and specifications...have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee. Please submit your plans to the Fairways P.O. Box or contact one of the Committee members. ARC Form

10. After it rains, I have pockets of standing water in the easement at the edge of my lot, is the Association responsible for repairing the grade?

Answer: Welcome to Canton clay, known to cause fits of rage among landscapers and in-ground sprinkler installers. The clay doesn't drain well, so having a proper final grade, and than preventing your landscaper or a utility company from disturbing your grade, is very important. The final grade was the responsibility of the builder of your home, not the Association nor the developer. Some homeowners have had success with installing a French Drain.

11. What is the Roadway Manager?

Answer: Unlike most subdivisions, the roads of Pheasant Run (the three subdivisions and Summit Parkway) are private roads, we own them and it is our responsibility to maintain them, not Wayne County. An entity called the Roadway Manager is responsible for administering the operation, maintenance, improvement, and replacement of several elements comprising the Roadway. These elements are located between the sidewalks, and include but are not limited to the paved surfaces, plantings, irrigation, decorative monuments, lighting, traffic signs and golf cart paths. The roadway Manager has 5 board members: one representative from each of the three subdivisions, the golf course and the township. The Roadway Manager is funded through an assessment based on total square footage of the roadway owned by the individual Associations and Township, Fairways owns approximately 33% of the total square footage. A portion of your assessment is allocated to this fund. PRRMA website.

12. After a snowfall, why don't we salt all of the roadways?

Answer: Some subdivisions salt their roads while Fairways does not. Our Association, as well as the other members of the Roadway Manager, have decided to limit salting to the Summit Parkway, main entrances, and intersections when required. This will slow down road deterioration and lessen the need of future costly repairs.


Fairways at Pheasant Run, P.O. Box 87221, Canton, MI 48187