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Fairways at Pheasant Run

Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A meeting of the Fairways at Pheasant Run Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Ranson Smith, President.  Other board members present were Ken McCaffrey, Treasurer; Chad Hetherington, Roadway Manager; Laura Beyer, Secretary; and Libby Tomasko, Director.  Debi Micallef of Independent Property Management (IPM) was absent.  Two additional homeowners attended.

  • Call to Order - 7:00pm
  • President’s Report – Ranson Smith
  • The IPM contract is up for renewal October 2017. Quote for next 12-month period has no year-over-year increase.
  • Feedback regarding IPM is positive. IPM ensures that financial statements are published in a timely manner, communicates with property service companies, sends out bids for contracts, pays bills, and deals with collections for delinquent homeowner accounts.
  • Need service level agreement stating roles and responsibilities between IPM and HOA. Items to address include implementing a back-up plan for absence of primary IPM representative, transparency and consistency with email communication, and providing a log of issues and evidence of closed loop resolution, especially when handled off-line. An escalation plan (including timing) for unresolved items will need to be developed.
  • Recommendation is to renew contract with IPM for one more year pending resolution of escalation concerns. Meeting with IPM scheduled for end of October 2017.
  • Ideas for improved and more efficient communication include binning items to the appropriate Board member for follow-up with IPM. For example, Landscaping and Ordinance items would each be binned to the appropriate Board member.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Ken McCaffrey
  • New HOA Saving Account through Capital One is earning interest – over $400 so far.
  • Bids are being received for snow and landscaping contracts. Bids will be reviewed by end of October.
  • Three homeowners have delinquent HOA dues and are in collections. Payment agreements for past due amounts have been reached.


  • Independent Property Management Report – Debi Micallef
  • Absent


  • Roadways Report – Chad Hetherington
  • Port-a-potty remains at the Glengarry and Sandalwood intersection even though road work has been completed. Nagle has made multiple calls to the owning company, with no response. Resolution: Port-a-potty has been removed as of this writing.
  • Roadwork is complete for this calendar year. There will be additional roadwork next year.
  • New assessment will occur before winter to identify necessary projects for next year.
  • Any outstanding issues related to sidewalk and paving repairs have been resolved according to contract with Nagle.
  • Sewers on golf course are owned by Canton Township. Some of the backyard drains in our subdivision are owned by HOA. Budget for maintenance will be considered.
  • PRRMA tree remediation has been pushed out until next year.
  • 2018 PRRMA budget will be determined after next pacer assessment to determine if budget will be increased. See PRRMA website for additional information.


  • Homeowner Comments/Questions/Additional Comments


  • Traffic on Cherry Hill between Beck and Canton Center continues to experience heavy congestion. As a result, drivers are using Glengarry Blvd to cut through the neighborhood and are driving at excessive speed. Large trucks are also cutting through, which will cause premature wear on roads. HOA Roadways Manager will bring up the issue with PRRMA and check if there is a no-thru traffic ordinance? Some trucks seen using Glengarry are trucks with up to 53-ft trailers.   
  • Speeding on Glengarry Blvd is pronounced.
  • Can the traffic light near Liberty Middle School on Cherry Hill Rd be more effectively timed? Is there a problem with traffic flow?
  • Trailer in driveway on Glengarry Rd must be removed according to bylaws. IPM to send letter notifying homeowner.  
  • Edging is not being performed on lawn adjacent to sidewalks on property maintained by Pheasant Run Golf Club; will provide feedback to GM of golf course
  • Glengarry easement property floods and has poor drainage. Adjacent property in Fairway Pines may contribute to poor drainage.


  • Other Topics for Discussion
  • Golf carts on subdivision roads have been reported to the HOA. IPM will send an email to homeowner. Blast email sent out to all residents.
  • Send General Manager of Pheasant Run Golf Club a copy of newsletter to facilitate open communication.
  • Board member position(s) will be open for 2018 calendar year. All are asked to notify neighbors of open Board position(s).
  • In future HOA meeting, develop process to ensure bylaw infractions are rectified (see Bylaws Article VIII, Section 1).

Reminder: Landlords are supposed to register with Canton Township and receive a Certificate of Occupancy

  • Future Board meeting topic: How to proceed with proposals for bylaw changes. By July 2018, a plan should be in place with the intent of asking for homeowner vote for proposed bylaw changes in the December 2018 dues statements. The participation of all homeowners is most likely to occur if bylaw change proposals are included for vote on the HOA invoice at end of year.
  • Investigate when the expiration of the high percentage of homeowner concurrence needed to change bylaws will occur. See Bylaws, Article V, Section 6.
  • Adjourn – 8:35pm


Submitted by HOA Secretary

Fairways at Pheasant Run, P.O. Box 87221, Canton, MI 48187