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Fairways at Pheasant Run

Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A meeting of the Fairways at Pheasant Run Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Ken McCaffrey, Treasurer.  Other board members present were Chad Hetherington, Roadway Manager; Laura Beyer, Secretary; and Libby Tomasko, Director.  Debi Micallef of Independent Property Management (IPM) was also present.  Ranson Smith, President, was absent due to another commitment.  No additional homeowners attended.

  • Call to Order - 7:00pm

 Guest Speaker:  Paul Simpson, General Manager of Pheasant Run Golf Club attended to discuss recent vandalism of the golf course. The safety of residents and users of the golf course is of utmost importance.  Additionally, maintaining the beauty of the golf course is of great significance.  Property values increase with care of golf course.  Anyone other than golf course patrons should refrain from entering the golf course property.  For safety, fishing in the golf course ponds is prohibited.  Unauthorized persons entering Pheasant Run Golf Club property will be approached and asked to leave for their own safety.  Violators may be subject to prosecution. 

Recent acts of vandalism have included riding bikes on greens, throwing course property in ponds, and stealing tees.  Yard waste may not be dumped in wooded areas that are property of golf course.  Please make sure children and pets stay out of the sand traps.  Please note that the access road off Glengarry Blvd. is golf course property.

Parents, please make sure your children know that the golf course is off limits.  Take care to respect the property, which will help keep people safe and maintain our home values.  Call police if you notice an infraction.  

Do not dump yard waste or other material in ANY areas bordering the Mott Drain waterway in order to maintain the integrity of this protected area.

   President’s Report – Ranson Smith

  • Out of Town for 7/27/17 HOA Board Meeting

  • Treasurer’s Report – Ken McCaffrey
  • USPS P.O. Boxes Renewal – Motion introduced and approved to cancel P.O. boxes.  All mail is forwarded to IPM and the P.O. boxes are no longer needed.
  • Status of delinquent accounts – 4 delinquent accounts are currently in collections; 2 have paid and 2 are in process of resolution.
  • Board is considering sending out annual dues invoices earlier than previous year.  Due date would remain the same.

Independent Property Management Report – Debi Micallef

  • Quote from Total Tree Service/Frank Jastrabek Tree Service received for removal of diseased elm tree in rear of property on Country Club Lane.  The $700 quote includes removal of tree and grinding of stump.  Care will be taken not to disturb nearby tree.  Motion approved to remove diseased elm.
  • Construction dumpster still present at Glengarry Rd residence.  Roof was to be repaired/replaced but permit was not obtained.  IPM will send certified letter to resident.  No email address on file for owner, even though requested via U.S. mail by IPM.  [Note: At the time of publishing these meeting minutes, the construction dumpster has been removed.]
  • When IPM must contact a homeowner about an HOA matter, IPM will send an email and cc: HOA.  IPM will request that a response be sent indicating status and plan of action within 5 business days.
  • Boat is stored in backyard of Glengarry Blvd. residence.  Address will be verified; IPM will contact Ordinance Office.
  • Bids go out mid-August for snow removal and landscaping contracts.

 Roadways Report – Chad Hetherington

  • Status of Sidewalk Repair/Roadway Paving: PRRMA met on Tuesday 7/25/17.  Issues have been noted.  Canton Township Engineer will review reported issues.  Pending the Canton Township Engineer review and Township approval, corrective work and additive work will be submitted for Board concurrence.
  • An email address has been established to aid in communicating concerns about sidewalk and roadway repairs.  To report issues related to sidewalk repair and roadway paving, please send an email to and cc:
  • Asphalt work will take place after the cement work for Phase III (adjoining subdivision) has been completed.  The Cherry Hill entrance of Fairways at Pheasant Run will be part of the asphalt project.  Pothole near 46671 Mornington Rd is on the list for repair.
  • PRRMA paid for Davey Co. to provide insect treatment and to fertilize trees in the Glengarry islands. There is an automated watering system on the islands. 
  • Canton Township is responsible for many of the drains in the backyards of Fairways at Pheasant Run homes.  A proposal was put forth to review a map of the drains in a future meeting and determine who owns drain and if there are any issues.

Homeowner Comments/Questions/Additional Comments

  • No residents other than HOA Board members in attendance.

 Other Topics of Discussion

  • Newsletter topics for August Newsletter 
  • Potential ride through neighborhood to survey road-side trees
  • Next HOA meeting: Sept 28; 7-9pm; Canton Township Hall Meeting Room B


  • The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Submitted by L. Beyer

Fairways at Pheasant Run, P.O. Box 87221, Canton, MI 48187