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Fairways at Pheasant Run

Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A meeting of the Fairways at Pheasant Run Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Ken McCaffrey, Treasurer. Other board members present were Chad Hetherington, Roadway Manager; Laura Beyer, Secretary; and Libby Tomasko, Director.  Debi Micallef of Independent Property Management (IPM) was present.  Four additional homeowners also attended. Ranson Smith, President, was absent.

  • Call to Order - 7:00pm
  • President’s Report – Ranson Smith
  • Absent
  • Treasurer’s Report – Ken McCaffrey
  • The contract with Independent Property Management (IPM) has been renewed for 12 more months. No year-over-year cost increase in contract with IPM.
  • Bids for renewal of Snow and Landscaping contracts were reviewed during the month of October.
  • The contract with Oakley Landscaping has been renewed for one more year. Oakley’s bid included a one percent year-over-year increase.
  • The contract with Premier has been renewed for snow removal. Premier’s contract has no financial change year-over-year.
  • The 2018 HOA Budget was reviewed by the Treasurer and IPM in a separate meeting. The draft budget proposal with highlighted changes will be presented to HOA Board for review and comment. HOA dues remain unchanged in the 2018 draft budget proposal.
  • Independent Property Management Report – Debi Micallef
  • Three homeowners have delinquent HOA accounts and are in collections with ADAC. Payment agreements for past due amounts have been reached.
  • There are 13 recorded leases in the subdivision. Landlords are reminded to register with Canton Township and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • IPM will provide the HOA Board members with a monthly Management Report, which will be sent in conjunction with the monthly Financial Report.
  • IPM’s monthly Management Report and Financial Report will include:
    • Bank account balance and interest
    • Legal status of delinquent accounts
    • A detailed description of Incoming and Outgoing correspondence
    • List of closings in the past month stating old owner/new buyer
    • A list of all tasks worked on by IPM on HOA’s behalf
  • Invoices for 2018 HOA dues have been mailed. 21 homeowners paid late in 2017. For those homeowners, IPM added a statement to the 2018 invoice to encourage on-time payment of dues.

Roadways Report – Chad Hetherington

  • 2018 PRRMA budget is staying the same; no year over year increase. See PRRMA website for additional information.
  • Traffic density and speed has improved on Glengarry Blvd now that nearby Canton Township construction has completed.
  • Our subdivision can expect minor sidewalk repair in 2018.
  • Homeowner Comments/Questions/Additional Comments
  • Signs in yards are an issue in our subdivision. It was suggested that the HOA send out an alert that the bylaws prohibit lawn signs.
  • A question was received about when the stump will be removed near the Cherry Hill Rd entrance. Stump will need to be ground down and replaced with boulder. IPM will follow-up.
  • Black trailer has been stored on driveway on Mornington Rd for at least two weeks; IPM will send a communication to homeowner reiterating the bylaws preventing trailer storage.
  • A suggestion was made to consider sending out short, more frequent blast email announcements to residents in addition to (or instead of) newsletter. Examples of topics include: snow storm coming; do not park on neighborhood roads to enable plowing; Halloween trick-or-treat times, etc. These short, ‘tweet-like’ announcements may be an effective means of communication.
  • Reminder that stop signs at cart crossings are legal stop signs; even when there are no golfers. Drivers can be ticketed for not coming to a full stop. Homeowner requested that police monitor subdivision and enforce traffic rules.
  • Homeowners agree that official engagement and communication from IPM has been positively received.


  • Other Topics for Discussion
  • Board member position(s) will be open for 2018 calendar year. All are asked to notify neighbors of open Board position(s).
  • Options for holiday decorating were discussed. New holiday decorations are needed. Decorations from prior years are in poor condition due to age and weathering. 2017 budget only includes $130 for decorations.
  • Decorating considerations: Cherry Hill entrance has power at side walls, not in center. Beck entrance has power at all three locations (sides and center). Bolts are present in both center locations for wreaths. Maintenance of the electrical outlets is the responsibility of PRRMA.
  • Homeowners in attendance generously volunteered to donate holiday decorations for both entrances. We all thank them for their generosity.
  • In future years, quote can be obtained for maintenance service from IPM to assist in decorating. Additionally, HOA has received quotes for fresh cedar roping and wreaths for consideration for 2018 holiday decorating.
  • IPM will discuss trimming landscaping with Oakley to ensure subdivision name is visible at both entrances.


  • Adjourn – 8:25pm

Submitted by HOA Secretary

Fairways at Pheasant Run, P.O. Box 87221, Canton, MI 48187