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Fairways at Pheasant Run - Reminder

updated 10/14/2022 4:52pm

Reminder - Send in Voting Ballot for HOA Board of Directors

Ballots Due October 20, 2022

Each Association Member in good standing (one owner per Lot) has the right to vote in the Board of Directors election.  Votes must be cast by use of the Ballot form and can be cast in one of the following ways:

  • In-person
  • Absentee ballot mailed or hand-delivered
  • Email (please make sure to include the Ballot form)

Please see the mail sent to Association Members for specific Ballot and voting instructions.

Thank you,

Fairways at Pheasant Run HOA Board


HOA Meeting - November 22 @ 6:30 PM - Please note updated time

updated 11/22/2022 11:23am

The Fairways at Pheasant Run HOA's November meeting will be held on Tuesday the 22nd at 6:30 PM in the Canton Township building, Room D.

All homeowners are welcome to attend.

Zoom Link for Meeting


HOA Notice - Canton Township Ordinance Inspections
16JUL22 - HOA Board Meeting Minutes
Glengarry Blvd Water Irrigation Well Status

posted 06/24/2022 1:32pm

Fairways At Pheasant Run Home Owners

Subject: Glengarry Blvd Water Irrigation Well Status


The water irrigation system has experienced several successes and failures over the years in regards to our ability to maintain the current infrastructure. The system was modified in 2010 to utilize well water, at an investment cost of just over $20k. The well located near Cherry Hill has performed the entire time without issue, and helped save the community over $10k annually budgeted for irrigation. The well that supplies water for Glengarry Blvd has not performed as well. The system has had ongoing issues and repairs have cost $1000-$3000 annually since the well was installed, but continues to malfunction.

The Glengarry Well irrigation system serves both our community and the township and due to the ongoing concerns, we are meeting with the township to determine best technical approaches to get the well back up and operational. This will take some time and we may experience drying conditions on Glengarry blvd from Beck road through our subdivision. We recognize this may be a point of frustration, but as volunteers, we are working as quickly as we can with the township to work towards a fix.

HOA Board Meeting 16MAY22

updated 07/16/2022 1:27pm


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