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HOA Board Meeting 16MAY22

02/17/2024 1:37pm

Meeting Notes:

    • Other Fairways HOAs are planning on having a community garage sale from June 2nd through the 4th
    • Pheasant run HOA board will put out signage to remind the community should they want to participate.  
    • HOA board will work to put some guidelines up for those that want to have personal signs to their homes to let garage sale shoppers know where to find their homes.



  • HOA notifications/e-mail access for all board members?
    • Website Admin to setup and make sure all board members are on forwarded request e-mails
      • Stephen Tokish, Rania Ajami, Hassan Ajami, Hayder Alya require access



  • Website: Calendar/notification functionality (Website Admin) - to see if we can get more traceability/visibility for HOA members and community for upcoming events
    • HOA board member meetings
    • Fairways-wide Garage Sale June 2nd → June 4th



  • Spring “Cleanup” entryway/monument, well fence on Cherry Hill discussion - hard water (makes stone/fences look orange)
    • 2 Step approach:
      • Pressure wash, then treat stone
      • Adjust sprinklers to no longer spray on monuments
    • Investigation in process - Will require Pheasant Run Roadway commission (PRRMA) involvement - PRRMA Representative/Treasurer/IPM Representative/President
    • Home Color Palette - President
      • Planning on walking through neighborhood to take pictures of colors to support



  • Survey Review 25% feedback - GREAT for 1st run
    • Survey Link:
    • Website feedback - not alot of people liked the site and how it updates:
      • HOA website updates - Board is in discovery on how to make interface more simple/straightforward to get to the information for Fairways - We currently have metrics for page hits and will work to analyze this data to remove areas not needed as well as bring commonly used links up to the main links on the page
      • Possible, additional, communication method:
        • Nextdoor - Online community app - Website Admin/Administrator - investigation needed to see if this is possible to incorporate into website
    • Home/Property Inspections:
      • Acceptable: Notice something while walking by (i.e. passers-by), through the neighborhood
      • Not acceptable: 
        • Randomly waking into people’s backyards unexpectedly
        • Using common areas as a way to walk through backyards 
    • Home Addition feedback 
      • Township ordinance - no fences to close in yards (with the exception of homes with pools) allowed in Fairways - President/PRRMA Rep to get township confirmation
      • Green energy - Solar Panels - HOA investigating any township ordinances to support homes that want free, cleaner energy options for their home - Many benefits.  One being that if your home generates enough energy, DTE will pay you for what you don't use
      • Gardens - 
        • Many respondents were open to vegetable gardens 
        • 50ft in size was the most popular response.  
        • HOA plans to work (quickly) on guidelines to ensure community members can enjoy their own homegrown fruits/vegetables
          • Open Points - 
            • Pots vs. plots
              • Board to review options to support throughout neighborhood
            • Upkeep agreement - to ensure garden doesn’t become overgrown/unsightly
            • Homes on golf course - Gardens on side of home?
      • Home Additions - 
        • Must meet required zoning ordinances - through city permit
          • I.e. Ratio of land:house - required for flood zones, erosions, etc
        • HOA is currently working through Architectural Guidelines (target completion: End MAY) to better support home owners as they prepare to make their house, a home
          • Main points - additions must match existing home brick, siding, etc
      • Dues to pay online and/or monthly:
        • 85% vote from community required to support 
        • Website Admin/Treasurer/President to investigate payment options/services
      • Concrete contractor/assessments 
        • PRRMA Representative to share contact information from contractor to support
        • Homeowners, if interested, can ask for concrete contractor contact information as well
      • Golf course cart path fixing - plans to work on this through the coming years
      • Drains in backyard - HOA to work on quote to review/repair any drains of issue/concern - President/IPM Representative/Treasurer



  • Sprinkler Well (by Summit Pkwy/Glengarry) - Open point. Continue to work with Township / HOA / Homeowners on how to minimize issues with water source. 
    • Tampering, visibility, access, etc.





  • Contracts review:
    • Common areas maintenance - Renewed 2 years
    • Zoom membership renewed - 1 year
    • Sprinkler servicing - spring/winter - in process
  •    Dues update - 11 homes are past due and will be sent to collection
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