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Announcing Solar Guidelines for Fairways at Pheasant Run Homeowners

02/17/2024 1:45pm

Dear Homeowners of Fairways at Pheasant Run,

Over the past year, the HOA board sought feedback and input from the community on the topic of allowing solar energy products to be considered as architectural enhancements to our properties. While there was resounding support from homeowners in favor, there was also a respectable number of homeowners who had understandable concerns about allowing solar modifications. 

We also learned that the state of Michigan is working on legislation that would no longer allow HOA’s to deny requests for solar installations. While this legislation has not yet passed, an HOA which doesn’t have clear and specific guidelines in place would run the risk of not being able to regulate the modifications at all.

Towards the end of 2023, the board voted in favor of allowing architectural modifications for solar products, and began drafting guidelines in an attempt to address the concerns raised by our community. On February 6, 2024 the board approved its guidelines. 

Today marks a 30 day notice to our community that the Architectural review committee will begin considering proposals for solar under the following guidelines. 

Solar electric panels or shingles will be considered on a case by case basis if they follow the following guidelines:

  • Panels must be mounted on the roof, not freestanding or on the side of the house.

  • Panels cannot be visible from the street from the front of the house

  • Houses on corner lots get a partial exemption - only the side of the house with the front door is restricted from having panels

  • If the panels are the same color as the roof, and do not stick up above the height of the shingles exemption for the front of the house will be considered, with samples and renderings provided.

  • Roofing material must still look consistent with the neighborhood.

  • All installations must be permitted, and installed by professionals, no homeowner installs will be approved.

  • No wires or conduits should be visible or exposed on the roof.

  • Any wires or conduits installed should be on the back of the house, and be as short of a run as possible to meet requirements.


Thank you,

Fairways at Pheasant Run Board

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