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Fairways at Pheasant Run

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Fairways at Pheasant Run
Fairways at Pheasant Run
Independent Property
Management LLC
9357 General Drive,
Suite 125
Plymouth, MI  48170

Email: Fairways HOA

Fairways HOA Meeting
TBA for 2018

Community Links:
Canton Township
Ordiance Office email or call
734/394-540, go to website

Lot Number Map (pdf)

Address Map (pdf)


Updated 10/2017


To report issues related to sidewalk repair and roadway paving, please send an email to RoadRepairs@prrma.org and cc: hoa@fairwaysatpheasantrun.com

GFL has taken over Canton refuse collection from Rizzo.  Large recycle bins with lids will be replacing the current smaller green bins.  GFL continues to offer single stream recycling.  A study is underway to determine if homeowners will be issued a 48 gallon bin (equivalent to 3 green bins), or a 64 gallon bin (equivalent to 4 green bins).  The bins with lids will prevent recyclable items from blowing into homeowner’s yards.

Resident Complaints – From now on, residents will be advised to take their complaints to the township ordinance or police department, where they can explain their concerns in detail. Ordiance Office website or call 734/394-5400 or email

Contacting the HOA Board:  Communication to the HOA board should be done via email only.  You can submit your questions or comments to HOA@fairwaysatpheasantrun.  If you are not receiving email information or updates from us, please contact us with your name, lot number, and address.  Your email address will not be shared in any way.

Property Additions and Improvements
If you plan to make any major changes to the exterior of your property, please be sure to get the approval of the board and township before you proceed.  You can contact the board with a description of your plans through the HOA website.  (Article VI of Fairways bylaws) ARC Form

Protect Yourself From Theft and Vandalism
During the past few months, there have been a number of thefts from cars and garages in the neighborhood.  Please lock the doors of any of your vehicles left outside and keep your garage doors closed whenever possible.  Taking these simple precautions will go far to prevent residents from being victimized. 

Please Clear Street Drains
Residents should locate the street drain closest to your home and keep it clear of snow, ice, and debris. Keeping these drains clear will allow water and slush to drain more efficiently from our streets. Your home does not have to be directly adjacent to a drain for you to perform this very important task.

Illegal Dumping Into Storm Drains and Waterways
Dumping chemicals, trash, or any other materials into storm drains and waterways is prohibited by federal, state, and county laws.  Dumping into waterways impairs water quality and, in the case of large items, may impede water flow that may create a flooding hazard.  A person in violation of Wayne County Ordinance 96-100 is guilty of a misdemeanor and is subject to a fine of up to $500, or a jail term of up to 90 days, or both.
If residents have questions about how to properly dispose of hazardous materials or other refuse, they may contact the Wayne County Department of Public Services at 734-326-3936 or the Canton Department of Municipal Services at 734-397-5801.

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